Friday, November 25, 2011

hey u!!!!

seriously said, i write this entry with anger...until today, I'm trying my best so why don't you???!!!! you broke our promise, I still can forgive you. maybe you did it unconsciously but please try to understand why I'm doing that. I'll not tell you the personal problem if I can handle it myself. Anyway I never regret to have you as my friends....we use to be together so it's okay (just a bit disappointed). there are few things that I don't like people to do neither they are my friends nor my family.
especially disturb my privacy, I know this is hostel and I'm not supposed to talk about privacy, but I still think that privacy is everywhere. even you are in hostel, you still need to take care of others' privacy. seriously, this matter make me feel annoyed when people don't know how to do it!!! for example, you are doing your personal works and suddenly your friends come and see what are you doing!!! OMG, just leave me alone!!!! please, try to put yourself in this condition, what will you feel?????? pissed off????!!! so I am!!!

 don't disturb my time if you don't want me to do so.....this will make my mood change immediately!!! I can help you anytime anywhere but please be aware with what I'm doing....just imagine if you need someone's help and make his or her feel that okay???
one more thing, I don't like people who are trying to hide their feeling (it is not about love). if you feel uncomfortable with me straight to the point don't try to play hide and seek here because I'm not interested with it. if you want to play you can play with kids not me....if you don't want to be my friend anymore, just frankly speaking with me, don't make such that face when you meet me. 
fuhhh... i think that's all for today...maybe pray can help me in this problem. i know everyone is not perfect but please try our best!!! i think you all use this concept in your study, as a slave to Allah, in family why don't use it as well in your friendship???? it's a waste if you don't try to apply this in your life and remember appreciate others like they appreciate you.
p/s: kak diej, it's quite a long time not see ya.
       cik wangi: best friend forever. lots of stories that i can remember now...hehehehe
       minn, sarah, ekin : you are the best friend ever!!!!

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  1. Dear poohgirl, u're right. Privacy is everywhere. Not everyone can adapt/feel comfortable with non-private situation. I understand your feeling here..sometimes I do feel the same =( I just keep asking, why some of them don't get it...