Tuesday, December 17, 2013


hari nie tulis tajuk tak de hashtag sbb tak tahu kenapa.nak cerita pasal malu. malu tak bertempat tak baik tapi saya sendiri pun tak tahu sekarang nie saya malu bertempat ke tidak. my study performance is not good this semester, i even don't know what is my mistake or maybe I actually know. i really don't know. saya di support oleh parents for my financial assistance. have u ever feel shy want to ask for money? have you ever think that your parents have worked so hard for you and you are not able to give them your best? i feel like that right now. anyway, parents specifically are the best person ever. they understand us, right? they never underestimate their kids. they always give us motivational to work harder. when people say u can't do it, they say you can.they love their kids forever. they never leave them alone. if they could, they wish not to let you face this world, full of bad things. but they know they can't do it. they let u do it but they assist you, be by your side, guide you. they don't want to see you hurt. if you don't believe in me. then try to ask them. 
p/s: bahasa rojak betul. amik feel nak write mmg camnie.

Friday, December 13, 2013

student #life

salam. it is nice to have another opportunity to write. i wonder how i can such a free time to update this kind of thing even i have lots of works. just wanna write something if not i'll forget what to write and i'll not be able to recall it back. that's me. i want to start with why i named my blog "all about life", basically i just wanna write everything that happened in my life, i love to write. i hope that one day, when scroll down this blog, i'll realize there are many things happened to me and it has its own reasons and i am tested with all that. life is not difficult, guys. see it in positive ways than u will realize it. why i'm saying like that? because i'm tired of being so pessimistic., i want to be the OPTIMISTIC one! do help me with that. i am a person who is still learning to hear others' problems, lend my ears to everyone who need me. in the process of being a good listener, i heard lots of things about life itself. people are barely understand why they are in such situation. students. life is related to their studies, friends, love and so on.
 studies is a big portion in student life. why? because they spend almost their days in class and interact with their friends. sometimes, when they are having good time with their friends, there love come in. it's all related actually. study, huh i'm a bit stress about it. clever one stick with their group and the less clever is being ignore and do everything on their own. please remember, life is like a wheel. u are not always on top. Allah is just and fair. fail is not necessarily u are stupid. it is a test for you, sit down and think what is your fault. sometimes, you realize there is no mistake that u've done so think why it happened to u. He want you to know how others' feeling. understand others is different from understand because you yourself have faced it before. 
 friends. it is a big deal! deal? yes, it is a deal. when you are dealing to accept their weakness and strength, they are dealing the same way then you are friends. for me, that is the way friends are formed. different people, different opinion, right? so, it's mine. u can define it yourself. friends are willing to accept us and they are open to comment us to be better person. they are happy when their friends are happy and sad when they sad. they can share with their friends and they are willing to do and sacrifice for their friends. 
regarding love, maybe next time. i'm not really in an idea to speak about that. 
miss this place. wanna go there again.


membenci seseorg itu penat tahu tak? it is better not to have that feeling! seriously, i hate it. it is difficult to handle. i'm trying so hard. everyone is not perfect so accept it, girl. go and do kindness.... it is almost exam time. people are busy to settle their work. in the middle of this period, people are not really care about other feelings. and seriously, i hate it. you care others and they care about you as well. dear friend,  do you best, i know you can do it. Allah know what is the best for you. 

Monday, November 25, 2013


alhamdulillah. sangat bersyukur dengan nikmat Allah. diberi jutaan kesemptan untuk menjadi insan yang lebih baik. sibuk? setiap orang pun sibuk. tak gitu? i', busy right now but i'm still trying to have few minutes to write. i know there is no reader but i still wan to dedicated something. i am busy with lots of quizzes, homework, presentation, papers and so on. it almost the end of the semester. frankly speak, this semester is a bit though for me but i'm trying hard to go through it. insha Allah i can do it. few weeks ago, I've decided to go back to my hometown, meet my parents and get more motivational speech from them. alhamdulillah. I managed to. i already in the half journey of my life when i think about giving up. i went back and tell my mum what i feel and ask her opinion. she said to me that life is like that. we are tested everytime. it makes our life more beautiful. beautiful???(wondering, right) beautiful because we are praying for our best, we seek for His help, beautiful because we get to know how our prophet live before us and how hard is his effort to bring Islam to us and so on. see, how beautiful is our life. mom said that never give up. test are for us, to make us become more though and see the world in other aspects.see how big is His love to you. don't see and keep on asking why it should be me? you are the choosen one for the test. don't ask to much and just endure with it. i'm happy when i can share my feeling with my mum. she's kind of friend of mine. see, i got problems but i still have a time with my mum. i can have her opinion. sharing what i think and so on. thank you, ummi!!!

p/s: mood busy. everything need to be settled before final.

Friday, November 8, 2013


macam pelik je tajuk kan? tak pelik pun sebenarnya. tanya dan terus bertanya, itulah manusia. kadang-kadang sikap nie elok untuk kita tapi sometimes tak ye. contohnya I, I kena repeat paper, then kawan asyik tanya asal la kena repeat paper. terkilan tak? kita bukan tak usaha macam awak tapi bukan rezeki kita. sometimes pun I terfikir boleh ke cakap macam tue padahal usaha I tak banyak pun. I'm tired. letih sangat. I nak jadi rajin macam uolls jugak tapi still rasa malas. I tak tahu nak buat apa untuk motivate diri. my friends cakap I dah rajin tapi I don't feel so. entah-entah dia nak pujuk hati I je.
I decide to not tell everyone about my studies because people are asking nonsense and keep on asking. I'm tired to answer, not all people understand people like me. they just know, "hey, she's repeater"! sedih hanya Allah je yang tahu. kalau boleh semua orang nak pandai, betul tak? tapi tak semua mampu macam uolls.I realize some of them are avoiding me. that make my life worse. I keep on thinking why it's happen to me? am I too stupid to be friend of? even they are trying much than uolls did. it's not their turn yet. they might get something better for themselves one day. I love motivational quotes as they inspire me a lot. once I'm down I will read it and think about those words. I always want to live happy and full of motivation. I want to be a person who can inspire herself and others. I want to spread colours! 

Monday, November 4, 2013


I nie boleh diktegorikan sebagai org yang suka buku tapi membaca tue tak tahu la nak cakap sebabnya kalau cakap rajin macam puji diri sendiri je tapi I can read books and I don't mind to spend my time on books. sejak kecil kot, dilatih bak kata orang. my parents suka anak-anak dia membaca.kalau nak pergi mana-mana my parents will ensure their children bring books. bawak yang penting. baca boleh cuba cari masa. kalau takda masa takpa tapi kalau ada masa tapi kiat tak bawak buku bersama itu parah.  my parents bagus. i'm proud to have them as my parents. i'm sure everyone is proud of their parents. my grannies pun suka cucu dia membaca. kalau bagi duit, dia tak cakap "duit nie beli la apa-apa ye" dia akan cakap "duit nie buat beli buku tau. nak beli gula-gula ke apa ke guna duit nie(bg duit lg)" i miss my grannies. dua-dua dah meninggal al-fatihah for them. i just have the opportunity to spend time with my mum's dad but not my dad's. he was so kind. baik sangat. kadang-kadang terfikir ada lagi tak lelaki yng baik macam dia. enough with that story. books. i'm in love with books. i prefer to have book as for my present tapi tak kan la kita nak demand. tak gitu. buku sebenarnya senang je nak jaga and dia tak macam benda lain. sometimes benda yang kita baca kiat akan ingat or amalkan or tell others. dapat pahala free-free dekat orang yang bagi hadiah tue kan. I bersyukur dapat hadiah even bukan buku. thanks to all my friends and families yang bagi hadiah. 

more story about books. last year if I'm not mistaken. I went to Big Bad Wolf and spend 200. fuhh. lega sebab baucer tue tak membazir. and of course I'm happy because my books' collection is getting more and more. I tak amik short semester hari tue and guess what. I spend almost my time on that books.best. ada yang lawak ada yang sedih. and ada yang more to information. I hope I can go there this year. i want to buy more books.
p/s: nak upload gambar dri phone malas. (last year big Bad wolf) sorry.


alang- alang ada masa nie, kita luah semua ye. ok hari tue, ada election dekat universiti. so each fakulti pun kena join. dekat tempat kita orang tak panggil fakulti tau. panggil kuliyyah kau. arab sikit. biar tak belajar di negara arab tapi kitaorg still ada element arab di situ. hahaha. macam apa je org yg xplain nye. ok citer pasal prk nie kan, jgn nak salah faham sangat la. prk stand for pilihan raya kampus ok? bukannya pilihan raya kecil. hehehe. ok. one of my friend masuk election tue tau. serious tabik spring kat dia. dekat kuliyyah tue, orang hebat-hebat kot bertanding. dia pun hebat je. cumanya setakat kenal nie tak sangka dia bole masuk election besar camnie. okay time election nie, mcm-mcm benda berlaku. it's kinda of first timer for me. i tak bertanding pun tapi lagak macam bertanding je kan? first timer la sebabnya jadi penyokong kuat kot. actually saya bukan penyokong kuat pun. kawan kan so tolong la sikit-sikit apa yang patut. sekali muka i and the geng je kat booth tu hah. penat tapi pengalaman tue yang menyebabkan penat tue hilang. sweet moments gdn kawan-kawan. masa nie baru la tahu sapa kawan dan sapa lawan. boleh tak uolls pikir. kita org nie org perempuan nak panjat-panjat pasang bendera memang tak la kan. nak gantung apa-apa ke. bila mintak tolong ngn brothers(bukan adik beradik ye.) boleh pulak dia cakap maaf tak bole tolong sebab dah sokong orang lain. nie hah. kepala hotak kau. kecik-kecik dah pandai ek. tolong je la. kalau jumpa orang yg memerlukan pertolongan kat mane-mane, korang tolong tak? ke korang tengok dulu bangsa apa, warna kulit, anak mata cantik ke tak and so on baru nak tolong. agak-agak la uolls oiii. tolong nie tak kira parti, bangsa, warna kulit and so on. tolong-menolong tue kan amaln mulia. takda nya kalau awak tolong, orang cakap awak berpaling tadah ke apa ke. tolong je. kalau nak sebut kuat-kuat. "saya tolong je dia, saya tak sokong dia". puas hati? lelaki yang macam nie la buat I rasa menyampah nak kenal dengan lelaki taw. baik tak kenal. tunjuk sikit awak tue gentleman. hal nie macam big issue jugak la bagi kitorang masa prk hari tu sebab kitaorang takda tenaga kerja. samapai ada kawan yang terpaksa ponteng class nak tolong. benda tue tak patut bagi I tapi ikut orang l. maybe they can handle the class and bagi diorg berkorban sikit demi kawan takpe. alhamdulillah. ada lagi shabat yng mcm nie. kawan I tak menamg pun tpi kitaorang bangga sebab kitaorang dah cuba seday upaya dan kitaorg paham. adat bertanding memeang macam tue. mungkin Allah janjikan yang lebih baik untuk dia. 

ada hati nak...

ok. sebenarnya tajuk tue saja-saja tulis. sebab kalau nak fikir tajuk mmg tak menulis la kan. even kalau nak buat essay ke apa ke i will start writing first then think about the tittle. ok nak citer pasal semester nie. amik skill. cube teka saya amik skill apa? most of my friends ckp masak.
sekali pandang macam seronok je memasak kan? =)

 oiittt. ada muka nak masak ke masalahnya? nak masak kat rumah pun dah kecoh sekampung. nak masak kat universiti kecoh satu Batu Caves. hahahaha. tak la. nie kan skill, so tak kisah la pandai ke tak ke. masuk je. u want to learn something, right? so just go. don't be shy cat la. student yg masuk skills nie, most of them tak tahu apa-apa. diaorang nak belajar mcm uolls jgk. ok...masak mmg reject awal-awal sebab kalau masak mudah gabra, gubra dan seangkatan dengannya. u know what, my mum has said it to me "nanti dah besar, ingat semua nak beli ke? semua org bermula dngan tak pandai ye. awak kecik dulu pun tak pandai jalan, sekarang ok je jalan" fuuuuhhh SENTAP. actually malas pun ada (tue hah..jujur taw.)hahahha. my mum tak sebut "nanti kawen" hah tengok. my parents pantang cakap pasal cinta cintun, kawen dan seangkatan tentera dengannya. bukan apa, belajar tak habis lagi sibuk nak pikir kawen. ape u ingat kawen nie senang? my parents lebih selesa kitaorg belajar dulu. fokus apa nak capai. nanti dah ada tanggugjawab lain susah. hoiii mak cik! tadi nak citer amik skill apa kan? nie melalut ke tempat lain. maklumlah dah lama tak menulis. semua nak citer. then i ingat nak amik menjahit. sewing uolls. pastue takde rezeki. vacancy full. sedih la jugak tapi tak pe. nasib bik jugak la sebab menjahit nie banyak keje sebenarnya.ada kawan ajak amik swimming! wowww happy je dengar sekali tengok badan kat cermin. ehhh malu la. nampak lemak nanti. padahalnya masuk swimming nak soh kurus. but still malu.

lastly i pilih kaunseling!!!! best sangat! happy je masuk class nie. i tertunggu nak gi class skill. bole melukis and so on la. dalam class nie jugak i know how to appreciate people. i mean more appreciate...insha Allah benda berguna untuk I sekarang and in the future. 
best sangat. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

salam syawal

tajuk pun dah gitu. tulis sebab nak wish happy syawal kpd yg sudi. raya nie agak hambar sedikit. rasa tak de feel raya. dua hari berturut-turut raya sebelah my dad. biasanya sehari je. pelik tue tak de la pelik sangat pun. macam pelik sikit la kan tengok muka sama je. fuhhhh nie mmg jujur punya org la kan. most of my uncles and unties sebelah my dad tak balik kampung so naak meriah tang mana nye oiii??? semua orang muda je yang ada. tue tk kira cousins yng berderet lagi, berapa coit je yg balik. sedih la jugak. dalam dok citer syawal nie kn, puasa tahun nie adalah puasa paling best semenjak bergelar mahasiswi. mana taknya puasa je ada short sem la. nak kena tergopoh-gapah ke class then nak bukak puasa tak sempat nak cari apa sebenarnya nak makan kena terus grab je sebab lewat, class habis lambat (sometimes je). kadang-kadaang tue memeang dh tak tahu nak makan apa. puasa tahun nie decide tak nak amik short sem, kita celebrated ramadhan with family and went to tarawih together. super duper happy. 
syawal tahun nie walaupun tak meriah tapi musim buaah-buahan memeriahkan suasana. banyak sangat buah!!! sampai tak larat nak makan. paling suka buah rambutan. sedap!!! makan banyk sangat sampai batuk-batuk hah. nie tak kira bab durian lagi. dulu tak suka sangat pun buah nie. tahun nie sebab over excited tengok orang kutip durian sampai pakai helmet bagai, makan durian banyak jugak. malam nak tido, berpeluh-peluh kepanasan sebab makan banyak sangat durian. hehehehe. mangis pun banyak kt kebun tok ayah. penat nak kutip. pakcik ngan sepupu dah tak larat nak panjat. 
my mum kadang-kdang naik pening jugak dengan buah yang banyak nie. mata kucing, manggis, raambutan, durian, duku, langsat (tak tahu beza pun duku dgn langsat), dragon fruit, kelapa muda(minum air dia fresh, fuhhh sedap). my aunties sebelah mum cakap i makan banyak buah mcam tak pernah jumpa buah. gelak sakan semua orang. bukan macam tak pernah jumpa la. dah lama sangt tak kutip buah ramai-ramai then enjoy eating together. last dulu masa arwah grndparents ada lagi. then semua macam tak da hati dah kt kmpung. bila dusun menjadi nie semua balik. happy sangat. tak dapat nak tulis macam mana happynya perasan tue. next time kita tulis lagi ye. bye.

Monday, May 27, 2013

happy birthday adik!!!

sebenarnya lupe wish birthday adik. i have two adik ok, my lil sis and lil bro.hehehe nak cerita pasl birthdy adik.this is my lil bro's birthday not kak bie ye. my lil bro is now at standard two and he is not cute at all. sometimes annoyed me. eh, tak de lah. tak baik cakap macam tue. my adik is called adik mong our family members. even big family members pun called him adik. he is super dupper lazy. i don't know why. both of his sisters is hardworking enough to follow our steps.(i'm joking...sometimes i lagi malas dari dia) LOL. 
birthdy dia mesti kena sambut every year if not, "eh, semua org tak tahu ek esok birthdy adik?" sometimes tue jawab je "tahu. kenape?". terus dia potpet-potpet. "dah tahu nape tak buat cake? nanti org datang nak makan apa? hadiah semua dah ada?" ehhh, budak kecik nie kite zip mulut masuk dalam beg letak bawah katil boleh tak? gurau je la. tak kn nak buat jahat dgn adik sendiri kan? tak baik. dia cakap macam dia jemput sekampung datang birthday dia. haish tension. last-laast kak bie(my lil sis) masuk dapur start buat cake untuk dia. hah, pus hati. tapi dia diconsider baik la sebab gi dapur, "adik boleh tolong" kek birthdy buat sendiri. hahahaha. dia suka makan cake kak bie. cake org lain pun dia makan cume bnyak complaint dari makan. kalau secret recipe tak la kan. 
bagi gambar nie je boleh tak???

ada satu tahun tue, my mum plan nak celebrate besar sikit. sebabnya my mum nak buat kesyukuran sekali. mak aiii happy dia bukan kepalang. siap suruh kiteorg design kad jemputan lagi. demi adik tercinta, me and kak bie design simple2 je then print banyak2. eh geram pulak kite tengok dia beriya nak sambut birthday. pujuk hati je la. dia kecik lagi so no wonder la excited kan? tahun nie dia tak wish for celebration. cukup bagi hadiah je katanya. ehhh demand. 
nie terlalu sedikit untuk adik....

my lil bro make our life cheerful dgn dia punya keletah. dia lawak je sebenarnya. orangnya sangat suka ambil gambar...ada satu kisah tue. dia suka sangat take pictures especially kalau balik kampung my mum. ada lembu, kambing dan segala mak nenek yang kadang-kadang dia tak pernah tengok. suatu hari my mum tengah drive, dia dekat belakang and as usual busy snap pictures.
ada gaya cameraman gitu.
 lepas amik gambar dia sibuk nak tunjuk kat my mum. my mum dah la tengah drive. sekali dia membebel, "umie nie, adik amik banyak gambar bukan nak tengok." my mum pun "mane nye gambar?" dia tunjuk then my mum pun tengok sekilas je sekali kereta masuk "longkang". sampai hari nie dia tak cerita dekat my dad. hehehehe. dia tahu salah dia. kalau tak, setiap kali balik je dari mana-mana terus cerita what happen even though that things tak de la hot mana pun.
dia petah sangat bercakap. kalau dekat rumah, mulut dia je yang berbunyi. "eh, tadi kan adik tengok youtube  kan...adaa....", pastu "tadi masa adik main kan..." time mandi lagi la "ehhh tolong la takde org ke nak cakap dgn adik" padahal dia memang penakut. nk amik baju dekat tingkat atas pun berteman ok. tue lelaki, kalau perempuan lagi takot ke lagi berani?
hah...lebih kurang mcm nie la muke nye..hehehe

 kalau ketuk pintu bilik kiteorg..fuhhh punya la kuat nak kasi dengar satu dunia gamak nye. padahal just nak tanya "kereta control adik ada termasuk bawah katil korang ke?" serious tension. ingatkan my parents panggil makan ke apa ke. 

that is a simple story about my lil bro. anyway happy birthday adik!!! wish u all the best in whatever you do.  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

laundry time.

ok..nama pun laundry time so kite basuh baju la kan. hari nie a bit exhausted coz tolong pat basuh semua baju dia yang dah bertimbun. see...busy sangat kitaorang sampai tak sempat nak fikir basuh baju..hehehehe padahal malas kan???? ehhh serious bukan malas tapi busy...ok cerita pasal basuh baju nie kan..tdi pat ada cakap kat kita yang dia tak suka susahkan kawan dia. seriously saya TAK rasa menyusahkan pun dan in shaa Allah saya buat ikhlas...(dah ikhlas kenapa ckp????) hey...excuse me...ikhlas tue tak nampak okayyyyy so suka hati la. awak nilai keikhlasan awak dan saya nilai saya punya...kalau tak cukup ikhlas tambah usaha lagi ye untuk lebih ikhlas...=)
mcm nie la baju pat..banyak kan???(cth je)

okay, berbalik pada cerita saya tadi. macam nie, saya terdetik nak mencoret disebabkan oleh pat. dia tak faham atau apa saya tak tahu tapi for sure issue yang timbul adalah tak nak menyusahkan saya. i just wanna help you la beb! dan benda nie tak menyusahkan since i just need to send it downstairs for the laundry. all work done by machine. ok dah settle basuh dia senyap je...siap ckp thanks lgi. tak pe beb,kita tak kisah pun....masa sidai baju, pat cakap miss S pernah cakap dia tak tahu macam mana nak balas jaas kita. waaahhh jasa bagai. tolong laundry je pun. ok jasa tue depend ye, orang nak describe macam mana kalau kecik pun panggil jasa memang jenuh la ye...
sekarang nie kawan, dia tak kisah pun nak tolong kawan dia as long as dia mampu. mungkin ada la kawan yang amik kesempatan tapi bukan kita la....sorry i'm not that type. kalau saya mampu saya tolong kalau tak mintak maaf bebanyak ye tak dapat eden nak tolong aihh...seriously miss S, if you read this. i want u to know that i help you sincerely and i do that because you are not capable that time. i will help anyone who is my friends because friends is everything to me. saya tak berharap pun yang awak akan sentiasa bersama saya. kalau ada masa bersama la kalau tak de tak pe. i'm not the only friend that u have.
copy from somewhere..i love it.

eh hidup lg????

tengok tajuk apasal budak nie??? doakan orag mati ke???!!! eh bukan- bukan, tadi view blog sendiri tetibe tengik pingu tue. hidup lagi rupanya. ingatkan tak bagi makan terus pengsan. citer pasal bianatang nie, teringat dekat cat2 dekat block hostel nie. nama dia BIE. jgn tanya kenapa nama dia bie, sebab saya tak tahu macam mana nak jawab. cat-cat tue bukan saya puny tapi dia suka dtg bilik saya je. hah, yang suka jaga bie dalah patrick (kwn kiteorg). pat suka beli makanan untuk bie, balik class je panggil "bie....bie...." huh lembut nak pengsan panggil kucing tue. kalau ketuk pintu bilik kiteorg nak tercabut pintu gamaknya. nak attract kucing tue makan takot nanti lapar katanya. yela-yela kita phm. bila suruh mandikan tak nak. takot dia cakar la apa la macam2 la pat nie. pat nie salah sorang dari kwn baik kita. dia sanggup buat apa2 je dgn kita. teman kita makan ice-cream and so on. dah2 bukan nak citer pasal pat sebenarnya. pasal haiwan nie. hah tadi psl kucing kan...ie pasal  monyet pulak. subhanallah, dekat uia nie banyak monyet tau. ada suatu hari tue, monyet tue nak gigit student kt sebelah blok kite. budak tue sip kibar towel lg ikot jendela sebelah compartment dia. kite yg duduk kat tingkp nie "dah kenapa pulak, ada kebakaran ke apa?" ohhh rupa2 nya, ada monyet nak gigit dia orang. fuhhh..ganas jugak monyet nie ye... 

a brief story

hari nie tetibe teringat dekat blog yang dah lama ditinggalkan. ada hari dimana pernah terfikir nak tinggal je benda nie. dah tak nak berblog bagai nie. tak sempat. padahal da banyak je benda nak cerita. ok...kali ie nak cerita pasal semester nie. 
semester nie memang sangat3 mencabar ye. nombor tiga dekat belakang tue menunjukkan betapa mencabarnya semester nie. sem nie teramik banyak subjek. sebab terpaksa, dah ketinggalan dr kwn2 yang lain. semester nie, saya belajar macam mn nk kena bersabar dengan orang yg kita rapat tapi still tak paham cara kita. agak menyedihkan dan mmm geram pun ada. tapi ummi pernah cakap kita hidup nie tak boleh assume semua orang faham kita dan follow cara kita. semester nie jugak la belajar pergi melancong dengan kawan-kawan. hah melancong la sangat kan..dekat sepang je pun. that was on 23 february 2013. tht was our friendship day!!! every sem we are expecting to celebrate it and the event changes every sem. i'm a bit proud of all my friends. they are trying very hard to make that successful even we're facing lots of problems. really miss that day!!! mintk maaf sangt2 tak dapt nk post gambar tue sebab hari tue laptop rosak and tak restore lg semua gambar.
oh lupe nak ckp semester nie dalah kali kedua kena berlakon untuk project. kena buat video so kena act l sikit2. hehehehe tak pandai pun tapi at least i'm trying my best. cakp psal project, teringat carry mark (CAM). Ya Allah, hanya Dia tahu betaa sedihnya tengok. mcm dah tak de semangat nak teruskan dah. 
i still do it because of U!!!!