Friday, December 13, 2013

student #life

salam. it is nice to have another opportunity to write. i wonder how i can such a free time to update this kind of thing even i have lots of works. just wanna write something if not i'll forget what to write and i'll not be able to recall it back. that's me. i want to start with why i named my blog "all about life", basically i just wanna write everything that happened in my life, i love to write. i hope that one day, when scroll down this blog, i'll realize there are many things happened to me and it has its own reasons and i am tested with all that. life is not difficult, guys. see it in positive ways than u will realize it. why i'm saying like that? because i'm tired of being so pessimistic., i want to be the OPTIMISTIC one! do help me with that. i am a person who is still learning to hear others' problems, lend my ears to everyone who need me. in the process of being a good listener, i heard lots of things about life itself. people are barely understand why they are in such situation. students. life is related to their studies, friends, love and so on.
 studies is a big portion in student life. why? because they spend almost their days in class and interact with their friends. sometimes, when they are having good time with their friends, there love come in. it's all related actually. study, huh i'm a bit stress about it. clever one stick with their group and the less clever is being ignore and do everything on their own. please remember, life is like a wheel. u are not always on top. Allah is just and fair. fail is not necessarily u are stupid. it is a test for you, sit down and think what is your fault. sometimes, you realize there is no mistake that u've done so think why it happened to u. He want you to know how others' feeling. understand others is different from understand because you yourself have faced it before. 
 friends. it is a big deal! deal? yes, it is a deal. when you are dealing to accept their weakness and strength, they are dealing the same way then you are friends. for me, that is the way friends are formed. different people, different opinion, right? so, it's mine. u can define it yourself. friends are willing to accept us and they are open to comment us to be better person. they are happy when their friends are happy and sad when they sad. they can share with their friends and they are willing to do and sacrifice for their friends. 
regarding love, maybe next time. i'm not really in an idea to speak about that. 
miss this place. wanna go there again.

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