Tuesday, December 17, 2013


hari nie tulis tajuk tak de hashtag sbb tak tahu kenapa.nak cerita pasal malu. malu tak bertempat tak baik tapi saya sendiri pun tak tahu sekarang nie saya malu bertempat ke tidak. my study performance is not good this semester, i even don't know what is my mistake or maybe I actually know. i really don't know. saya di support oleh parents for my financial assistance. have u ever feel shy want to ask for money? have you ever think that your parents have worked so hard for you and you are not able to give them your best? i feel like that right now. anyway, parents specifically are the best person ever. they understand us, right? they never underestimate their kids. they always give us motivational to work harder. when people say u can't do it, they say you can.they love their kids forever. they never leave them alone. if they could, they wish not to let you face this world, full of bad things. but they know they can't do it. they let u do it but they assist you, be by your side, guide you. they don't want to see you hurt. if you don't believe in me. then try to ask them. 
p/s: bahasa rojak betul. amik feel nak write mmg camnie.

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