Saturday, February 15, 2014

friendship trip

this trip was really amazing. we just held it years ago, maybe or one year ago. i could not remember that, but the main thing i was happy. that is the only thing that i could remember. the trip really a friendship one. why I say like that? before we go, we have planned everything to strengthen the relationship. lots of things happened before we went there. few of us had class which was held suddenly an at the evening. our plan was totally ruined but yet we still continued. we went to bagan lalang, sepang. can't really imagine how a group girl can drove at night in such that area. a bit scared, tired but still went on. we had our barbeque session after we arrived, then ate together. having spaghetti made by dora and tea iced by miss m and so on. we enjoyed that day so much. the next day, our activities were at beach. i made a mistake when choose a place where the water was a bit dirty but yet we still enjoyed our day. we played games. taking pictures as memories and wrote our names on the sand. we played like there was no problems.release tensions. we had planned for another friendship trip, we are going to port dickson. do pray for our best. 
p/s: pictures can't be uploaded due to privacy of certain people. 

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