Friday, March 11, 2011


Having a Basic Theme of Quran, is a wonderful time when I studied at CFS. I love that moment because I learnt lots of things. One thing that I remember until today is about backbiting. Actually I don’t fully understand why backbiting is being a habit among our community. For women, this activity just likes their mouth exercise. (I’m a girl, not woman). After a few minutes think about the history of backbiting, I can conclude that it is created because of unsatisfied among us. Am I right? It is not only about satisfaction, it is also about respect, being happy for others, and so on. In simple words it is all about relationship among human being themselves. Frankly speaking, I have all the causes of backbiting in myself. People might think that it is normal to have that kind of feeling (unsatisfied) towards others. In Islamic perspective, being happy for the others’ happiness is a good dead, so backbiting in Islam is illegal. In my life, seriously I can get out from this situation. I’m trying to run, jump or maybe walk as fast as I can to avoid myself to backbiting others. Please pray for my strength. As we can see it is a bad habit nowadays but I’m not afraid if one day it will become a “culture” in our community. I’m trying to avoid this habit. Seriously, one day I’ll make myself hate this habit! People cannot respect others, it make me sick! I’ll keep talking about them if I’m not satisfied! I’m happy for them if they do good dead or get their happiness. Everybody has his own opinion about this life, try to respect their opinions and it settle. What will happen if I don’t respect yours? Are you happy? Or maybe you might have a party on that? Think about that! Seriously, it makes my head stuck when I think of this small matter. Sometimes, I think I’m not a good friend. I want to be friend with everyone but seriously it seems possible for me. One  group talk like this and the other one is like that. I agree with everybody so what should I do? I think I should frankly speaking with the person who I didn’t satisfied with, then it will settle. (I’ll think about that). Let’s avoid backbiting in our daily life. I think that we could change backbiting as our exercise, maybe we can have chewing gum for the mouth exercise. It is better than backbiting.
having an Islamic group is better.

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