Friday, April 25, 2014

sembang kosong.

salam. sihat semua? (berlagak macam ada org baca je kan?) next semester i will be a forth year student. of course banyak cabaran. i have another two long semester here. semester lain praktikal. yesss, i will definitely miss this place so much. perasan tak perasan sangat la kan. but i'm getting matured from day to day. banyak benda berlku yang mematangkan saya (hopefully). one thing that i realized myself, my friends still treat me like a kindergarten ones. hate that but will miss it one day. nak akhir semester nie banyak kerja kan? lots of reports need to be submitted and so on. semester nie a bit though for me because group member tak berapa nak best but it is a learning process for me. sometimes i just think maybe this is the reason why i tak suka kerja group but one day i need to do it anyway so learn now la beb. 

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