Wednesday, September 10, 2014 semester.

assalamualaikum. so how is your life? i'm thinking of i'm talking to my friend when i'm writing all this things. today is the third day of the new semester still okay. not yet busy. this semester...very though and i need to leave my friends after this for practical training for almost 6 months. sad, nervous and all sort of feeling. many things happened to me, for sure i will miss all these moments. everyone keep on talking about the feel after they graduated. sorry i still can't talk about that. i have few semester left. siapa tak nak grad awal kan, tapi rezeki la. hidup nie penuh dugaan dan cabaran. as for me, i have few papers more. masa mula-mula nak pilih bachelor dulu, ada jugak yang cakap we, x kisah ke 4 tahun? tak nak amik yang lain ke? sorry. i buat for the sake of my parents. they want me to do accounting. ada hikmah.
cerita pasal semester nie, ada banyak class dengan junior tapi still ada class jugak dengan kawan-kawan. maybe last class dengan diaorang. sedih jugak tapi kena kuat. for sure, i will miss this place. lots of moments and memories to be remembered. 

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