Wednesday, September 10, 2014

still remember u.

i still remember you as my fiends. i love to make friends but i realize that one day they will leave me but yet i still want to remember you. i want to keep the sweet memories that we shared together. i want to always remember what you like and what is your habits so that one day i still know you. i want to remember your name so that you remember mine. i want to know you further so that you are in my list. i want to always see the list so that i remember you. you might be a very important person one day, please don't forget me. you might be far away from me, but please remember me. i want to be a friend who you can always be  remembered. i want to be your sister, share stories, have pillow talk and so on. dear friends, please don't forget me and i hope one day you will say "i still remember you". 

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