Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ExPrEss yOuR FriEnDsHiP.......

if u have friends, don't be afraid to 
express your friendship; don't be afraid
to tell them that you admire or love them.
if you love anybody, why not say so?
if you enjoy anyone's company,
why not say so? it costs you nothing;
it may mean everything to your friend
and to your friendship. Friendship is not 
one side affair, but an exchange
of soul qualities. There can be no
friendship without reciprocity.
One cannot receive all and give nothing,
or give all and receive nothing,
and expect to experience the joy
and fulness of true companionship.

thanks to all my friends for being my friends.....
love u all!!!!!!!
pucoyo n his friends...happy jerrr

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