Monday, December 13, 2010

fAtHeR : Touch oF wiSdOm......, a simple word to call! But do you know that certain person, they do not have such a wonderful relationship with the person who we call "dad"'s quite disappointed me even it does not happened to me... most of the people proudly respect their mother not their father....they might forget what their fathers have done to them since they are small until they become a successful person......I love my dad very much....he has done everything to make sure I can get a better life than him...thanks a lot, dad!!!! I know you really want to spend lots of time with me, but you can't because you have to work to make sure I can go to the best school, I can eat nutritious food, I can buy everything I want, and everything that you can't can when you were small.. Thanks a lot dad!!!! I really love and miss you a lot!!!! I know I can't afford to pay you even I have lots of money, even I can buy everything you want....because you do everything with your sincere heart.....thanks again because you teach me lots of things that I can't learn even graduated from the most popular university....

A dad is someone who; wants to catch you before you fall,
but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again,
A dad is someone who; wants to keep you from making mistakes,
but instead lets you find your own way, even though his heart breaks in silence,
when you get hurt.
A dad is someone who; hold you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules,
shines with prides when you succeed, and have faith in you when you fail.

This week my father's going to fetch me to back home. Last night, he was willing to drive to my college to have dinner with me even he knew that it might be late to back home....since my father is busy with his works I can't have a long talk with him everyday, this makes me fell like I'm a little bit far from my dad but I'm not. He always asks me about my studies, life, friends, and everything related to me. He don;t want to be a busy father that doesn't know anything about his daughter....he will try his best to understand me.....if he can he still want to read bedtime stories to me but he can't. I am a big girl now!!! I'm not his little girl anymore but I'm still his old daughter who wants to hear bedtime stories from him......
Anyway, thanks dad!!!!
You are the best father I ever had......


  1. Your English is getting better than me..
    I pun tak berani nak tulis English post..

  2. eh... btol ke x berani?????
    bnyak je post u in English.....
    i try je la cik wangi...
    x kn la dpt lwn student of language kot.....hahahah my blog...

  3. Nope, but still can't defeat Language Students laa, i jumpa byk BEN yang 90% blog dia is in English..hehehe but its a nice try for u.