Wednesday, January 19, 2011

being appreciate

Have you ever said to yourself or maybe to other, why I’m not appreciated or “please appreciate what I’ve done” ?? So far, I have asked myself several times which I can’t count how many times. Is it strange? Or maybe you feel like I’m not doing the work sincerely? It’s not like that, just ask yourselves have think about being appreciated? What is your answer? Yes, or maybe no. For sure everyone in this world wants to be appreciated. Appreciate don’t need to show like you give gifts or treat them meals, buy sweets or anything else you might think to do. Smile appreciatively is enough. Simple situation about being appreciated, my mum is a teacher and every year there is teacher’s day. Most of students including us like to buy presents for our teachers to thank them and to show that we appreciate all their works teaching us, right??? Have you ever thought if you are that teachers. What will you feel when your student appreciate you without giving presents? I’m sure you are happy being appreciated. When that day is coming, my mum keep saying “I am tired advising student to not give me is wasting their money. Saving for furthering study is better”. I think most of our teachers thin like that. Look, people not waiting for your gifts to show your appreciation. Maybe a few of us like to receive presents but there is nothing wrong for that. You can give but always remember that appreciation don’t have to show by gifts.
Talking about being appreciated, I really hope that one day I will be appreciated. I’m not asking for presents, sweets, or party. Just being appreciated by your sincere smile, talk or maybe just saying hi, I don’t mind about that as long as you appreciate me. Not just me, you have to appreciate all the people around you even they are cleaners. Spread salam and smile when you meet them. They will happy for that. My friend, ana loves to do that. Every time she does that, I can see how sincere she is. Last but not least keep appreciating people even they are nothing to you.

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  1. Yes, do spread salam first. After doing it, we're automatically have the emotional bond between others, meaning to say, love will grow inside of both of you who give salam and respond to salam.