Sunday, February 13, 2011


Exam fever is coming!!! Wish all the best and good luck to all my friends. Do all the best. To my group members, to have you all is such a big gift from Allah. When the semester was begun, we all felt so sad like there is no more hope but see! There is something He wants to show us. We get the truly friendship that we never find before. I love you all with all of my heart. You are like my sisters. Help me when I got difficulty. You even hear all my problems. Thanks for supporting me for the whole semester. Sorry to say I don’t be your best friend and I don’t help you as much as you are. You all teach me lots of things that I’ll never forget. You teach me to accept all the things that happened to me. You teach me not to sleep after dawn prayer. You teach me to spend time to go to talks. You teach me that I am lucky to have everything that others don’t. You also teach me that friendship is pure relationship. You teach me that there is not abnormal to not having boyfriend. To state all what you all teach me is very impossible because there is thousands and thousands of lessons. Allah’s will, I will never forget that. Thank Allah because know I realize why this happened to me. Everything happened for a reason. There are lots of things I realize. For sure, Allah has “programmed” our life strategically until there is no mistake. If you think that you have done mistakes, think it twice. 
take one each!!!!


  1. salam cik wa..
    cikwa,cikwa...may allah bless u..thanks 4 evrything n one more thing,i love you :)

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  3. Alhamdulillah, we've put a lot of time n effort on it. Keep on praying n asking for Allah's bless. InsyaAllah, He will gv d best. ^_^

    ~~This luvly friendship is d greatest gift which cannot b found in a store nor under a tree, but in d hearts of true friends <3 gonna miss dis friendship lot =')

  4. thanks to cik wangi, ekin, and sarah....
    ekin: love u too!!!!
    sarah: absolutely agree wif ur opinion. this is d greatest gift 4 us....thank Allah...