Tuesday, February 8, 2011

respect others

Today I get mad with someone. Actually I myself, do not know why I get mad with that person. For sure, I’m mad!!! Ok, today I would like to write about respect. Wow, this word sound great to me! Are you expecting other to respect you? You might have your own answer because I have mine too. I really mad to people who do not respect others if the other are trying their best to respect them. Could you imagine how are you felt if someone did that to you? I know patience is the best way but I’m a normal one so my patience’s level has its own level. I wish I could have a very high level of patience. Seriously, I’m really mad with this person. Are crazy enough to do that thing to me????? Answer me!!!! Do you know how hard I’m trying to care of your feeling? It’s really hard until I get fed up, but I still remember the friendship that we build in the name of Allah. That’s why I’m still going strong until today. People out there, remember to respect others even you do not know who are they. Allah has promised to reward His servant if they do good dead. Respect others seem to be a very hard thing to apply in your life but it really easy to do and it will help your life going peacefully, trust me. Since I am living in hostel, there are lots of things related to respect others. If I think about having something that might cause somebody so I need to think twice. See, it is difficult but if you are in that condition you will think what will happen to you if others do that to you. So, it is simple when you think if you are in that situation.  Are you mad? Are you happy? Are you sad? Or are you angry? Think before you do something. You might think they are kind-hearted so don’t worry. Think twice because you might hurt their feelings and you do not know. Other’s feelings are really important. As student, you know what you should do. Relationship with our Creator and relationship among people are really need to care of. Think and you will know are you respected others?????
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