Saturday, February 12, 2011


Last night, I have a group discussion with my friends. Suddenly one of them said, “nothing special happened in my life”. I got shocked but I’m not screaming. When I went back to my dormitory, I thought about those words. Is there nothing special in my life??? No, definitely not. To my friend, remember Allah has created us different from others so that we go through our lives happily. If you think that there are nothings special in your life, don’t be sad because you might not know what is special in your life. Frankly speaking, everything happened in our lives are special.
  • ·         You are special because there is someone who loves you more than I love you, He is our creator, Allah. You are special!!
  • ·         You have a very happy family. Others might not have it so you are special!!!
  • ·         You have brothers, sisters and friends who love you and appreciate you. Not all people are loved and respected so you are special.
  • ·         You are chosen by Allah to live in a peaceful country so this is special.
  • ·         Remember all the presents from Allah and you will say that everything happened in my life is special and you are special.
Maybe there is someone who disagrees with my opinion but for me special is universal. Anything can be special if you think that is special. Happy family, happy life and so on are special for me because I think not all the people in this world have them and they in that situation..home sweet home. This is the place to find happiness. If one doesn’t find it here, one doesn’t find it anywhere. See, you find you happiness and be grateful because you find it and you are special!!!
To my friends especially Minnie, I’m really grateful to have you as my friends. For me, you are special!!! Sorry for can’t answer your simple question, “am I special?” and stop saying “there is nothing special in my life”


  1. Subhanallah, such thoughtful advices which teach me lot on how to appreciate lives.. All thanks to Allah....

  2. be a grateful one.....thanks 4 reading....