Wednesday, February 9, 2011

kindness knows no man

So, today let us speak out about kindness. I’m not a kind one but I want to speak about that. For me kindness knows no man so try to be as kind as you can. When I gathered with my friends, they always say “I’m not beautiful”, seriously ladies like to talk about beauty. Women and beauty can’t be separated. My lovely friend says that we look very beautiful when we have a spiritual beauty. When I was a immature girl I think about what is spiritual beauty. My mum teach me that spiritual beauty you can’t pay to have that it will be in yourselves without you know you get it. That’s really wonderful!!! See, everything has planned strategically by our creator. So, even you have no money to go spa, you still beautiful. Wondering where did you get it??? That is reward for you for being kind to everyone. A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses. Everyone loves fragrance, so keep gives “roses” then you will get that naturally.
If you do not know what kind of kindness you should do, our beloved Prophet Muhammad told us “do not belittle even the smallest act of kindness, even if it were no more than meeting your brother with a smiling and cheerful face”. Our prophet (peace be upon him) really loves us, he even teach us the smallest act of kindness. Smiling and cheerful face is a kindness, Islam is a simple religion and it is not complicated.  Be grateful for being born as Muslims. Back to our topic, kindness, I strongly agree if one can pay back the loan of gold, but ones dies forever in debt to those who are kind. Be kind to others and you will be rewarded by Allah.
“....O Allah’s Messenger! Is there a reward for us in serving the animals?” He said, “yes, there is a reward for serving any animate (living being).” Narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim. Living in hostel, there is cat dumping and I’m not satisfied with this situation. Based on this hadith, I need to be kind to animals. To render relief to the distressed and to help the oppressed make amends for great sins. Let us be kind to all people.


  1. D importance of kindness is mentioned hundreds of times in d Quran... Islam instills in its followers d characteristic of kindness and faithfulness towards one’s friends, including the parents of one’s friends.. Thanks for d inspiring article =)

  2. I really love your words....
    thanks 4 reading...
    love u...