Wednesday, August 25, 2010


To a special friend.....
From the time that we are born... People come and go each day. Yet, there are those who are so special. They are in our lives to stay. And you my friend are such a one for, when you came passing by. It’s certain that the sun shine much brighter in the sky.
You’re always understanding- always kind and true. And I feel so very blessed to have a friend like you. I really hope these words will somehow let you know, the extent of the gratitude, that I often fail to show. I know that our friendship will throughout the years endure for, you are a friend in millions and i couldn’t ask for more...thank u, Allah because You give me such kind friends...
One day, my friend showed me these words when I read them and felt that it such a very wonderful words so I dedicate these words to all my friends. Love you all and miss u more than words.

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